First step would be to email ‘’. Please see below a list of the initial information I would need:

  • Full name and contact number
  • Hours of coverage required
  • Dates
  • Locations of Venues
  • Album requirements (Small, Medium or Large)
  • An indication of your budget.

Second Step:You will receive an email with an indicative quote. If you feel this can work within your budget we will arrange a consultation or arrange a Skype consultation.

The simple answer is no! I photograph within Fashion and Commercial areas and my own personal projects. If you have something in mind please do get in touch.
Frames, Fine Art prints and various Album designs. Please get in touch for more information on products that I can offer. 
Simple answer is anywhere! For 2013 I am already travelling to Venice, Dubai, Edinburgh and New York to name a few! 

Your Asian or Indian Wedding will only happen once in a lifetime with the person you truly love. They all consist of family, friends, tears, laughter, celebration, and love. When you have committed so much time and effort into organising your big day, from the beautiful venue, carefully laid out décor, reception party and lets not to forget the expensive wedding dress and suit, how will you remember all the tiny details, including the laughter, emotions and energy on the dance floor? I believe it is my job as a Luxury Wedding Photographer to capture all of your finest moments.

Through my stunning fully designed wedding photo album, you will be able re-live and re-capture your beautiful Asian or Indian wedding like it was yesterday. Taking photographs is only one part of the process for me. Once you receive your wedding album you will be able to see that it is more than just photos in a book, it will tell your beautiful story from beginning to end. Seeing the laughter, the emotion and memories once again will make it all worth while – you truly will be investing in your memories.

For me, the Artist and Wedding Photographer, it is important that I understand and provide a robust fee for my services to capture and create stunning images and photographs for your special day. I do not provide a ‘one price fits all’ approach as I simply believe that every wedding and Client is different. To discuss my services in some more detail, and to find out more about what I can offer, please do contact me directly for a personal consultation.